Rogue Process is an action-platformer where you type words to hack things. Lead a resistance across an endless city, slicing through security systems, stealing corporate secrets and jumping off of skyscrapers.

Hacking. No Slashing.

Your most dangerous weapon is your keyboard. Enter slow motion hacking with the tap of a button and type the words near devices to hack them. Trouble in the warehouses? Make a crane drop a crate on the guards, then climb on top of it to reach the CEO's office.

No Guns Required.

Install software to unlock dozens of new abilities: charge through the air, take control of robotics, flip gravity or break through walls. Risk your life to steal experimental patches from corporate servers, or pick up cheap bootlegs on the street - but watch out for viruses.

The City That Never Ends

It's a long run from here to the security nexus, through logistics centers, industrial processing facilities, research labs and executive offices. Each sector offers new challenges and new ways to come up with creative solutions.